User Agreement

Release Date: August 1, 2022

Effective Date: August 1, 2022

You are welcome to use the “老虎国际(also known as Laohu Guoji or Tiger Trade)” APP, PC client software, websites and its accompanying products or services (including all documents and files included with it, except for the products and/or services provided by foreign entities or other third parties, herein refers to the “Product”) of Beijing U-Tiger Network Technology Co,. Ltd and its related companies (herein refers to “Tiger” or “We”). We are dedicated to providing you with more comprehensive and quality service. Before using the Product, please read carefully the content of the Agreement, the Privacy Policy, and any other agreements, terms, rules, announcements, notices, and other documents released separately by us applicable to the product (collectively, the "Agreement", and in the event of any inconsistency between the aforementioned documents, please subject to the latest release), and particularly for the terms prominently identified in bold in the Agreement content. This agreement constitutes a legal agreement between you and operator of the Product. You confirm that you are eligible to use this product and agree to this Agreement.

Article 1 Definitions

1.1In the Agreement, “You” refers to any natural person, legal person or other organization using the Product.

1.2In the Agreement, “To use” refers to any behavior including to download, install, apply, visit and any other means of making use of the functions of the Product.

Article 2 Acceptance of Terms of Service

When you click “install” or register to be a user of the Product or actually use the Product by any other means, it shall be deemed as that you have read carefully and agreed to all the terms of the Agreement and you are willing to be bound by the Agreement, and that you have had full knowledge of the possible risks and agreed to undertake all the potential risks that may arise from using the Product and its relevant services. If you do not agree to these terms, please terminate the download, stop using the product and immediately delete the product and related documents.

Article 3 Amendment of Terms of Service

3.1For the purpose of complying with regulatory policies, improving the experience of this product or any other reasonable purpose, Tiger has the right to modify or amend the content of the Agreement in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, and shall announce such modification or amendment by email, client software, website or other lawful manners, please notice the relevant update reminders by anytime. Any modified or amended term shall take effect upon the effective date agreed in the agreement or the date of announcement.

3.2If you continue to use the Product after the Agreement is modified or amended, it shall be deemed as that you have read, understood and accepted the terms upon modification or amendment. If you refuse to accept the modified or amended agreement, you shall immediately cease using the Product and the services of Tiger or promptly inform Tiger of your concerns, we will provide you with service or solution such as account cancellation .

Article 4 Register of User Account

4.1Steps for registering Tiger user account: Log in 老虎国际 client software and enter the account register interface; then type in your valid personal mobile phone number and the instant verification code, and you can register to be a Tiger user.

4.2Once you have registered to be a Tiger user, it shall be deemed as that you have agreed to authorize Tiger to send your mobile phone number a variety of text messages including but not limited to the account security prompt message, mobile phone log-in verification code, password modification prompt message.

4.3Upon your successful register of the user account, the right of using the account belongs to you and the account ownership belongs to Tiger. You shall provide timely, detailed and accurate personal information and update your register information after your information has changed from time to time. In case of any problem, controversy or dispute incurred from your inauthentic, inaccurate, illegal or invalid register information, you shall assume the relevant consequences and liabilities by yourself, and Tiger shall not be involved therein. To avoid disputes or disputes caused by untrue information, Tiger is entitled to cease providing you with any service.

4.4Your user account and password shall be only used by yourself rather than transferred or lent to any other person in any way. Successful log in with your own user account and password will be deemed to have been logged in by yourself. You shall assume the relevant consequences and liabilities by yourself, and Tiger shall not be involved therein. If you find that your personal account is used by any other person illegally or with any security vulnerability, please notify Tiger immediately. If the account and password is illegally used, stolen or disclosed due to hacking or the user’s negligence of custody, Tiger shall not assume any responsibilities.

4.5If the same account and password is logged in and used by multiple persons simultaneously, Tiger may contact the original registered user of the said account immediately and has the right to suspend or cease the user qualification of said account without assuming any liabilities.

4.6In case of accessing the service provided by other related or third party through Tiger (including but not limited to account opening and trading, etc.), please read the relevant service agreements, instructions and other documents carefully through the third party and related service platforms and pages, and registering or logging in the third party account or authorizing the third party to use the Tiger account to log in according to the requirements of the relevant agreements and documents.

Article 5 User Privacy Protection

It has been Tiger’s important principle to respect and protect the user’s privacy, Tiger will protect your personal information and personal privacy strictly in accordance with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations. Please read our Privacy Policy carefully for more details about the protection of users' personal information.

Article 6 User Permission

6.1To download, install and use: The Product is free of charge and you may download, install and use the Product for non-commercial purpose without limit on the number.

6.2To copy and transmit: You may copy and transmit the Product for non-commercial purpose without limit on the number, however, you shall guarantee that each copy and transmission is complete and authentic, including all the software, electronic documents, copyrights and trademark relating to the Product and all the content of the Agreement.

6.3Under the agreement, the term of service of the Product shall commence from the day of successful register of your user account.

Article 7 User Management

7.1To regularize the user’s behavior of using the Product, please undertake as below to Tiger:

(1)to use the Product in compliance with the laws, rules, regulations, normative documents and the Agreement.

(2)neither to conduct any reverse engineering, reverse compiling or reverse assembly to the Product, nor to alter any resource compiled in the internal program files.

(3)since the Product is to be used as a single product, you shall undertake not to use it upon disassembling for any purpose.  

(4)not to use it for the purpose of operation by means of sale, leasing, lending, gifting or transferring.

(5)not to use the Product for any illegal purpose or by any illegal method, and to comply with the applicable laws, regulations and international conventions concerning the use of internet products.

(6)not to conduct any actions that is illegal or infringing any other person’s rights and interests by making use of the services provided by Tiger.

(7)not to publish or transmit any speech, article or information that may jeopardize national security, undermine national unity, advocate heresy and feudal superstition, be obscene or violent, insult or slander any other persons or abet crime through the Product.

(8)not to illegally break in any other computer information networks, embezzle any other persons’ computer information resources, tamper with the computer data and applications in a malicious way, produce and transmit the computer virus by design or conduct any other behavior that may jeopardize the security of computer information network by using the Product.

(9)not to carry out, abet or assist any other person to conduct the above or other behaviors that is prohibited or restricted by law.

7.2You shall independently bear the liabilities for all your behaviors of using the Product and services. In case that Tiger finds out that any of your actions violates the commitments above, it have the right to take actions immediately such as cutting off the transmitted content, saving the transmission records, closing the user account or deleting the link of infringement, and may report the same to the competent supervision authority if necessary.

Article 8 Products and Services of Third Party

8.1When you use the products or services provided by the third party through the Products, you shall comply with the third party’s user agreement in addition to this Agreement. For any disputes that may arise, Tiger and the third party will take the responsibility respectively within the scope of the legal provisions and agreements.

8.2Our Products may need to utilize third party systems, support the usage or access through third parties when users use our Product or request specific services from Tiger, and the results of usage or access will be provided by such third parties (including but not limited to content accessed by third parties through the open platform, etc.). Tiger does not guarantee the security, accuracy, effectiveness and other potential risks of the services and contents provided through third parties. For any disputes and damages arising therefrom, Tiger shall not be involved therein or assume any responsibilities.

8.3Third party service providers may provide products or services through Tiger, for example, you may obtain the corresponding products or services provided by third party financial institutions by following the Tiger, accounts registered by third parties, subscribing to paid content published by third parties, visiting the service platforms and pages of third party financial institutions . In this process, the third party service provider may collect, use and store your relevant data or information. Tiger strictly requires that any data obtained by the third party service provider shall comply with the relevant laws and regulations, obtain your explicit consent in advance, take necessary data protection measures, use your data reasonably for the purpose of the product or service only, provide you with the means to modify or delete your data, and must delete all data when the service is terminated, etc., to protect your data and privacy from infringement to the greatest extent possible through the relevant agreements and specifications signed with the third party service provider and reasonable product process design. Before accepting or using the product or service provided by the third party, please carefully read and fully understand the terms and policies of the third party products or services, assess the risks prudently and comply with the agreements of the relevant services and products.

Article 9 Intellectual Property

9.1Tiger enjoys independent and complete ownership and intellectual property over the software, programs, product structures and designs used by the Product. Any person shall neither arbitrarily use, modify, reproduce, broadcast,  restructure, spread, issue, publish, restore or decode the Product without authorization, nor conduct reverse compiling to the Product to obtain the source code or extract the essential parts of the Product for other application, otherwise it shall be deemed as infringement.

9.2Tiger and other right holders enjoy independent and complete ownership and intellectual property over the market data, information, top posts, pictures, data and archives of the Product and services. Without prior written approval of Tiger and other right holders, any person shall neither arbitrarily copy, reprint, tamper with, or quote the relevant content of services for commercial purpose without authorization, nor shall make use of the aforesaid information and content to charge any improper fees from any other person, otherwise it will be deemed as infringement.

9.3You shall ensure that the content of all kinds of information published on Tiger does not involve infringement of intellectual property rights or other legal rights and interests of Tiger or other right holders. Otherwise, Tiger has the right to take actions at any time, including but not limited to deletion, disconnection and others. In the event that your behavior infringes the intellectual property of Tiger or any other right holders, resulting in any loss to Tiger or any other third person, you shall assume all the liabilities for damage by yourself including but not limited to the litigation fee, forensic fee and attorney fee.

Article 10 Risk Disclosure

10.1The information provided by Tiger comes from public sources or is published or provided by other users, partners or other third parties. Tiger will try the best to guarantee the reliability and accuracy of the information provided, however, we are incapable of ensuring the absolute reliability and accuracy. You have to cautiously judge the accuracy of the price quotes, charts, comments, purchase or other information relating to the Product, which shall only be used for reference.

10.2If you go to other service platform or pages to obtain relevant service (including but not limited to account opening and trading, etc.) or carry out relevant operation based on the data and information provided by Tiger, you shall assume all the risks and losses by yourself, and Tiger shall not bear any liabilities of breach, infringement or any other civil responsibilities for the risks or losses that may be incurred from your investment decisions.

10.3You should be independent, sober and objective about the content of the information, materials, links and etc. posted by other users, partners or other third parties in this product, and be cautious about fraud.

Article 11 Disclaimer

11.1You shall confirm that you are informed of the functions of the Product and the necessary operations for fulfillment of said functions, and voluntarily choose to use the Product and relevant services based on your own needs. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws and regulations, any risks or consequences due to the use of the Product and relevant services shall be completely borne by yourself, and Tiger shall not be liable for any consequences.

11.2The Product has been tested in a detailed and rigorous way; however, we cannot guarantee that it is completely compatible with all software and hardware systems or that no bug exists in the Product. In case of incompatibility or software bug, you may contact Tiger to get corresponding technical assistance.

11.3Within the maximum scope allowed by applicable laws, as to any loss and risk incurred from the use or failure of use of the Product, including but not limited to the direct or indirect personal impairment, loss of commercial profit, trade suspension, loss of business information or any other economic loss,  Tiger shall not assume any liabilities.

11.4As to the loss incurred from the telecommunications system or internet network failure, computer failure or virus, information breakdown or loss, computer system problems or any other force majeure, Tiger shall not assume any liabilities.

11.5You shall voluntarily take reasonable protective measures when using the Product. The services provided by the Product may cease or break down due to objective factors and result in your inconvenience of use or economic loss. In case of any loss incurred to you from your use or failure of use of the services provided by the Product under such circumstances, Tiger shall not assume any liabilities.

11.6Tiger will try to maintain the security and convenience of the Product; however, it shall not assume any liability as to the information deletion or memory failure. 

11.7Tiger may publish or reprint the news, information, articles and other contents provided by the cooperative companies in the Product, and we will specify the provider of the content during publication and reprinting.  Based on the respect to the intellectual property rights of the content provider,  Tiger will not make any substantial review or modification to the content provided, thus will not guarantee the authenticity of said content; you shall make judgment by yourself. Specially, Tiger disclaims liability towards any client, partner and supplier for: 

(1)the accuracy of any news, information and articles;

(2)any delay, inaccuracy, error, interruption or omission in providing news, information and articles; and

(3)any discontinuance of news, information and articles. 

If you consider that any of the content is involved in infringement or false, please express your opinions to the provider of said content by yourself. Or you can contact us and we will conduct corresponding verification and processing in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and the provisions of this Agreement.

11.8Any fact, assessment, analysis, forecasts, opinion and other information (collectively “Information”) released by Tiger do not take into account any of your investment goals, financial situation, and specific needs and demands. Therefore, all information of Tiger is, unless otherwise stated, intended for general information and/or marketing purposes only and should not be construed as

(1)financial, investment, tax or accounting advice;

(2)a general or personal recommendation of trading financial products; and

(3)any other particular type of encouragement to invest.

Article 12 Termination of Service

12.1Under any of the circumstances below, the services of Tiger shall be terminated:

(1)You refuse to accept the modified or amended terms of the Agreement, or uninstall the Product actively or no longer use the Product and relevant services as shown by any other ways;

(2)In case of your behavior that violates the Agreement, Tiger shall be entitled to terminate your use of the Product and relevant services immediately and cancel your qualification without assuming any liabilities of breach;

(3)In the event of force majeure that Tiger fails to continue to provide the services, both parties shall have the right to terminate the services without assuming any liabilities of breach.

As mentioned above, "Force Majeure" means all events which are beyond the control of the Agreement, and which are unforeseen, unavoidable or insurmountable, and which prevent total or partial performance of any of the Agreement. Such events shall include, but not limited to earthquakes, typhoons, flood, fire, war, strikes, riots, acts of governments, changes in law or the application thereof or any other instances which cannot be foreseen, prevented or controlled, including instances which are accepted as Force Majeure in general international commercial practice.

12.2In case of termination of services on the Product, your qualification of user shall become invalid upon the date of such termination, and you shall not have the right to use the Product and relevant services, except when there are relevant obligations stipulated by corresponding laws and regulations, and Tiger shall no longer bear any obligations to you.

Article 13 Miscellaneous 

13.1The execution, effectiveness, performance, termination and dispute settlement of the Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China.

13.2As to any dispute arising in the execution, effectiveness, performance and termination of the Agreement, Tiger expects to settle through friendly consultation with you; in case that the consultation fails or the consultation result is not satisfactory to you, you and Tiger shall, upon consent, file a lawsuit to the people's court having jurisdiction at the place where this Agreement is signed. This Agreement is signed in Chaoyang District, Beijing, People's Republic of China. 

13.3In the event that any term of the Agreement becomes completely or partially invalid or not enforceable due to any reason, or violated any applicable law, said term shall automatically become ineffective; however, the other terms of the Agreement shall remain effective and binding.