1. All Clients registering and opening an account at Tiger Brokers undertake that the information provided by them is truthful and accurate and they shall be the exclusive user of their account. Tiger Brokers has no obligation of investigating the truthfulness of the identity of the registered mobile phone number’s owner and will not take any responsibility for any loss arising from registering an account on Tiger Brokers with stolen, fraudulently used or misuse of individual mobile phone number.

2. All Clients registering and opening an account at Tiger Brokers shall comply with the relevant laws, regulations and the rules for using Tiger Brokers’ platform and shall not release any politically-related harmful information, or any information containing pornographic contents, false advertisement, bloodiness and violence, insulting or slandering comments and disclosure of individual privacy information that may violate any laws or regulations, nor shall they engage in activities which infringe a third party’s intellectual property rights and other legal rights and interests. Client should bear all the losses arising from any such activities while Tiger Brokers will not be held responsible for the same.

3. Under any and all circumstances, Tiger Brokers is not liable for any punitive, indirect, occasional, special or associated loss or damage arising from using Tiger Brokers’ platform, including but not limited to indirect personal damage, loss of business profit, interruption in trade, loss of business information or loss of any other reliance interests.

4. Investment in securities or financial products always carries the inherent risk of loss. Tiger Brokers will not be held responsible for any losses related to Client’s investment activities.

5. As there is possibility of malicious hacks on the Internet, web server malfunction and other unpredictable factors, the market information and other securities-related information may be faulted or delayed.

6. The information, market data, charts, diagrams, news, posts, comments, opinions, financial data, shareholder analysis, valuation analysis and stock diagnosis (collectively “Information”) contained in Tiger Trade are derived from sources believed to be accurate and current. Neither Tiger Brokers, its affiliates nor their content providers:

(1) give any representations or warranties as to the reliability, accuracy or completeness of the information;

(2) warrant that any of the Information contained in Tiger Trade will be uninterrupted or error-free; or

(3) will have any liability for use or distribution of any of this information.

To the extent permitted by law, Tiger Brokers and its affiliates expressly disclaim any responsibility or legal liability to anyone whatsoever for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential or punitive loss or damage caused by or in connection with the reliance by a person or entity on Information made available in Tiger Trade, including without limitation where there are any errors or omissions in the Information in Tiger Trade. 

The Information:

(1) is provided solely for informational purposes;

(2) does not constitute financial product advice;

(3) may not be copied or redistributed except as specifically authorised; and

(4) may be withdrawn on various dates.

The Information is not intended as and does not constitute an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any financial instrument. The value and income derived from investments may go down as well as up. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

7. Client’s NTE and software system may suffer from illegal attack or virus infection, leading to failure of order for commission or commission failure.

8. Client’s NTE and software system may be incompatible with Tiger Brokers’ online transaction system, causing failure of order for commission or commission failure. In this case, Client may contact Tiger Brokers’ customer services by telephone to report such circumstance and acquire technical support. Tiger Brokers’ gives no undertaking that economic compensation will be available for any such failures which are caused by circumstances that are outwith our control. 

9. In case of a complaint or other related dispute between Client and a third party, Tiger Brokers shall have the right to provide such necessary information as the Client's subject information, contact information and matters related to the complaint to the parties in dispute or relevant government departments to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the Client and other parties, unless it is otherwise provided for by any laws or regulations.

10. Certain functions of Tiger Brokers’ app and services will enable third parties to obtain Client information. If these functions are not necessary to conduct business, Tiger Brokers will obtain Client authorization before providing Client information to third parties. Tiger Brokers shall not be liable for any risk or loss arising therefrom.

11. Tiger Brokers’ official website and products will publish or distribute such contents as news and information provided by its cooperating corporation, with the information provider being noted. Tiger Brokers does not carry out substantive censorship or revision of the contents provided by its cooperating corporation and does not guarantee the authenticity thereof, which should be judged by Client and for which Tiger Brokers is not responsible.

12. In addition, all the following risks or consequences arising from the use of Tiger Brokers’ services shall be borne by the Client and Tiger Brokers shall not be liable for any loss arising therefrom. Such risks or consequences include but are not limited to:

(1) Interruption, pause, delay or data fault of trading instructions which might occur due to malfunction, break-off, delay or other factors of Internet data transmission.

(2) Client’s account and password, personal information, or trading information are divulged or Client’s identity is counterfeited due to Client’s own activities, such as carelessness or negligence, and any losses arise therefrom.

(3) Failure of commission or commission fault is caused by Client’s improper operation.

(4) Client uses the service provided by Tiger Brokers to conduct any illegal activity or any act infringing other’s rights and interests, thus causing loss to Client and a third party.

(5) Due to network failure, commission instructions shown as successful on Client’s NTE may not be received by Tiger Brokers’ transaction server, leading to the risk of failing or postponing to execute the instructions; If the Client should then send another commission instruction, this may result in Tiger Brokers’ transaction server receiving two instructions, thus increasing the Client’s risk of making repeated transactions.

(6) Emergency caused by the change of law and policy or other factors that are unpredicted and uncontrolled by Tiger Brokers.

(7) The functions of Tiger Brokers’ platform fail due to force majeure such as war, communication fault, natural disaster, strike and the actions taken by the government department, leading to Client’s economic loss.