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Tips before viewing :

  1. Tiger Securities supports HKD and USD deposits, but does not support RMB deposits. Hong Kong card deposits in Hong Kong dollars are more convenient. This guide is the guide for deposits in Hong Kong dollars.
  2. The name of the bank account used for remittance must be the same as the name of the Tiger Securities account, and other bank accounts or joint bank accounts cannot be used for remittance.
  3. It takes a certain amount of time for the inter-bank background to process the remittance application. The bank’s notification of " remitted " does not mean that Tiger Securities has received the money. After the funds arrive at Tiger Securities, settlement and approval of the funds are required. Banks and Tigers do not handle remittances during Hong Kong holidays, please allow time for remittance processing
  4. Currently Tiger Securities does not accept direct cash deposits through Hong Kong bank counters, ATMs and other channels


1. Remittance process

Visit the official website of Bank of China ( Hong Kong ) (the official website of online banking http://www.bochk.com ), open personal online banking, and log in to personal online banking.



1. Select "Finance Management" - "Transfer" - "Transfer" to open the transfer interface.


2. Fill in the transfer information

( 1 ) Recipient: If you are remittance for the first time, please select "New Recipient"

( 2 ) Payee identification method: select "Receiving Account Number"

( 3 ) Receiving bank / institution: select " 072 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia)"

( 4 ) Receiving account number: 861512059225 (Hong Kong dollar deposit)

( 5 ) Name of payee: Tiger Brokers NZ LTD ClientTrustAc

( 6 ) Withdrawal account: select the account that prepares users to remit money to Tiger Securities (choose HKD account)

( 7 ) Withdrawal currency: select Hong Kong dollar

( 8 ) Transfer amount: enter the amount to be transferred

( 9 ) Estimated arrival date: select "Instant transfer"

( 10 ) Register the payee: (It is recommended to set the payee alias, you can add Tiger Securities as the payee, then you only need to select in my payee for the next deposit, without filling in the payee again information)

(For faster reconciliation, please try to fill in the remittance remarks according to the app guidelines and enter a mantissa after the whole remittance amount. For example, if you want to remit 10,000.00 HKD, you can enter 10,000.23 HKD, which can speed up the arrival of deposited funds.)


3. Check the transfer information, and enter the cipher password to submit the transfer request.



4. Confirm that the transfer is successful and save the following content as a remittance certificate and submit it to Tiger Securities' deposit notice. (The intercepted remittance voucher must include the transaction reference number, receiving account number, withdrawal account, withdrawal currency, transfer amount and transfer date.)


2. Time for arrival: 1-3 working days, and the account can be received on the fastest day.

Reminder: After the transfer is completed, if all the remittance information is correct, the funds will be transferred to the Tiger Securities' personal collection account, and the funds can be deposited into the Tiger Securities' personal collection account after manual verification.

3. Bank handling fees: Both the remittance bank and the receiving bank may charge corresponding handling fees. Please refer to the actual fees charged by the bank for specific fees.

Disclaimer :

  1. The screenshots of the above guidelines are shared by users and are for reference only. If there is any discrepancy in the screenshot interface, the actual interface of the bank shall prevail. Please confirm the content with the bank.
  2. Tiger is not responsible for any losses resulting from this guideline.


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