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Pre-viewing Tip.
Tiger Securities supports HKD and USD deposits, but not RMB deposits. This guide is for Hong Kong dollar deposits only, as it is more convenient for Hong Kong cards to deposit funds in Hong Kong dollars.
The name of the bank account used for remittance must be the same as the Tiger Securities account name, and you cannot use another person's bank account or a joint bank account for remittance.
It will take some time for the bank to process the remittance request, and a notification from the bank that the funds have been remitted does not mean that the funds have been received by Tiger Securities. Once the funds have arrived at Tiger Securities, they will need to be cleared and approved. Banks and TIGER do not process money transfers during Hong Kong holidays.
Currently, Tiger Securities does not accept direct cash deposits through Hong Kong bank counters or ATMs.
I. Remittance Process

1、Visit the ICBC (Hong Kong) website (official website of Internet Banking: http://www.icbcasia.com), open Personal Internet Banking, and log in to Personal Internet Banking.


2. Enter your user name and identity verification information.


3、Select [My Assets] - [Account Services] - [Transfer] - [Bank Transfer].


4、Fill in the transfer information

(1) Payment account number: Select the account to which you wish to remit the funds to Tiger Securities (choose a Hong Kong dollar account).

(2) Payee account type: If it is your first time to transfer money, please select "Other Account" (If you have pre-registered Tiger Payee account, please select a pre-registered third party account. (If you have pre-registered your account, you can transfer up to a maximum of 100,000).

(3) Payee's name: Tiger Brokers NZ LTD ClientTrustAc.

(4) Payee account number: 861512059225 (Hong Kong dollar deposit)

(5) Currency: Hong Kong Dollars HKD

(6) Transfer Amount: Enter the amount you want to transfer (for faster reconciliation, please follow the app's instructions to fill in the remittance notes and enter the last number after the integer. For example, if you want to transfer HKD 10,000.00, you can enter HKD 10,000.23 to speed up the arrival of the deposited funds.

(7) Transfer Method: Instant


5、Verify the transfer information and confirm the password of the cryptograph.


6、 Transfer successfully and save the following screenshots as remittance voucher


2. Payment Time: Since the receiving bank of Tiger Securities in Hong Kong is also ICBC Asia, theoretically the remittance through ICBC Asia is more efficient than other banks.





The above guidelines screenshots are shared by users and are for reference only. If there are any discrepancies between the screenshots and the actual bank interface, please check with the bank to confirm the content.
Tiger is not responsible for any loss caused by this guideline. 

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