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A stock voucher is an electronic voucher issued by Tiger Brokers. It allows the client to trade with a subsidy that equals the value of the voucher. You need to go to [Tiger Trade App > Me > Promotions & Rewards] to collect the voucher within 20 days after issuance. Unclaimed vouchers will be automatically invalidated after the expiration date. The validity period after receipt is 30 days.

The mechanism of stock voucher is prededucted and rebated afterwards. After the vouchers are received and the newly created order is completed, the order will be marked "Rebating", and the rebate amount will arrive to your Tiger account within 5 working days. At that time, the "To be rebated" mark on the order will be updated to "Rebated". Clients may view the rebate details via [Tiger Trade App > Trade > Order] or [Tiger Trade App > Trade > More > Statement].

To use the voucher, you need to complete at least one trade (Please click on the reward details to view the trade types applicable to the voucher) within 30 days after receiving the voucher. If there is no trade executed until the expiry date, the voucher will automatically expire.

If the national value of the order is greater than or equal to the voucher value, the rebate amount will be the voucher value; or, if the national value of the order is less than the voucher value, the rebate amount will be the national value of the trade.

Each voucher can only be linked to one order. The stock voucher will be automatically linked to the first trading order after it takes effect. If you have two or more vouchers, after one of them is used, the second voucher will automatically take effect within one hour.

Tiger Brokers provides stock vouchers in different currencies that can be used for trades in a variety of markets. The rebate of the voucher(s) will be issued in the corresponding currency at a fixed exchange rate according to the market you are trading in.

For example, if you have a stock voucher of 10 USD, you may use it to trade U.S. stocks, Hong Kong stocks, Singapore stocks and other different markets. If your USD $10 voucher is linked to a Hong Kong stock order and the order price is 100 HKD, Tiger Brokers will use a fixed exchange rate to convert USD $10 into equivalent HKD and send it to your Tiger account.

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