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FPS Transfer Express is a fully connected fast payment system for banks launched by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority on 30 September 2018. It has the advantages of fast fund arrival, low fees and 365x24x7 transfer service.
Currently Tiger only supports HKD for FPS Transfer Express to make deposits.
The name of the bank account used to transfer funds must be the same as the name of your securities account.
It will take some time for the bank to process the remittance request and a notification from the bank that the funds have been remitted does not mean that the funds have been received by Tiger Securities. Once the funds have arrived at Tiger Securities, they will need to be cleared and approved. Banks and TIGER do not process money transfers during Hong Kong holidays.
Currently, Tiger Securities does not accept direct cash deposits through Hong Kong bank counters or ATMs.
I. Deposit process
1, open the app, click on the [RPM Fast], search for FPS ID (2022093) and confirm.

2、After entering the account, the Tiger Securities payee account will pop up automatically, check the payee information, enter the amount deposited and click confirm.
(Fill in the payee information according to the guidelines to reduce the pressure of reconciliation on Tiger's side and speed up the account arrival).

3. After confirmation, save the screenshot and submit the remittance advice to inform the tiger to collect the money.

II. Receipt Time (HKD)
After the customer completes the transfer, if all the remittance information is correct, the funds from the peer transfer will be instantly transferred to the Tiger Securities receiving account and will need to be manually verified before the funds can be credited to the customer's Tiger Securities account.
The above is the estimated time, the actual processing time is subject to the bank's processing time.
Bank charges
Both the remitting bank and the receiving bank may charge a handling fee, please refer to the bank's actual charges.

The above guidelines screenshots are shared by users and are for reference only. If there is any discrepancy between the screenshots and the actual bank interface, please check with the bank to make sure the content is correct.
Tiger is not responsible for any loss caused by this guideline.

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