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Service Types



Charged by

Service fee


Trading commission

0.029%*trading value


Platform fee



Fee charged on behalf of the third parties





Trading fee

0.005% * trading value + HKD0.5

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (“HKEX”)

Settlement and delivery cost

0.002% * trading value (at least HKD2 and at most HKD100)


Transaction levy

0.0027% * trading value


Stamp duty

0.13% * trading value (amount less than HKD1 will also be counted as HKD1)

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government (“GovHK”)

*If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service Support.

*This commission template applies to users who complete their first deposits on and after June 3, 2019.


Other Service Fees

Service Types Types Charges Charged by

Service fee





Cash dividend collection fee Dividend*0.2%, 30 HKD at minimum Tiger
Dealing with corporate actions (such as dealing with rights issue arrangement, pre-emption rights, tender offer, offer for sale, etc.) on behalf of clients Total amount involved in corporate actions * 0.2%, 30 HKD at minimum Tiger
Collecting stock dividends on behalf of clients 1 HKD/Lot, 30 HKD at minimum Tiger
Handling shareholders' meetings on behalf of clients (TIGER can handle two types of applications: one is for the client to attend the meeting in person or by proxy, and the other is for voting; the client can choose either of the two applications) 50 HKD/per application Tiger

*If the net dividend is lower than 30 HKD, it will be deducted fully.

**Less than 1 lot of the above service stocks are recorded as 1 lot.

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