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Service Types



Charged by

Service fee


Trading commission

$0.0039/share, at least $0.99 for a single deal


Platform fee

$0.004/share, at least $1 for a single deal


Fee charged on behalf of the third parties




External agency fee and trading activity fee

$0.00396/share, at least $0.99 for a single deal

External agency

SEC membership fee (only charged upon issuance of sales voucher)

$0.0000051 * Total transaction amount

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

*Tiger will adjust the third party fees in accordance with fee changes of exchanges, regulatory authorities.

*There is a certain amount of risk when trading low price stocks (below $1) due to the fluctuation of the stock price and also the risk of getting delisted.

*In order to protect the interests of investors, Tiger Brokers charges fee up to 1% of the trading amount. If the commission calculated at maximum is lower than the commission calculated at minimum, Tiger Brokers charges at the minimum.

*If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service Support.


Other service Fees

Service Types



Charged by

Fee charged on behalf of the third parties

ADR (American depositary receipt) fee

$0.01-0.05/ share in general

Depository trust company (DTC)

Collection of dividend tax

For Chinese Mainland Residents:10%*Dividend (will be deducted before payment)

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Service fee

Real-time market quotation fee

0 (register and check real-time market quotations for free via “Tiger Trade”)


Handling shareholders' meetings on behalf of clients (TIGER can handle two types of applications: one is for the client to attend the meeting in person or by proxy, and the other is for voting; the client can choose either of the two applications)

10 USD/per application




* ADR fee introduction

ADR (American Depository Receipt) refers to a foreign company's share receipt, and the holder is entitled to receive all dividends and capital gains. The existence of American depositary receipts allows American investors to buy shares of companies in other countries in the U.S. stock market.

1) What is the ADR fee?

Generally, ADR agents (banks and investment banks) buy stocks in overseas stock exchanges, and then sell these shares in the U.S. stock exchanges. ADR fee is charged by the ADR agents for their management, registration, and recording of foreign share receipts. 

2) When and how will it be charged?

Many ADR banks that issue or manage American Depository Receipts (ADR) have stated in their ADR agreements that they have the right to charge fees to cover the administrative costs associated with these securities. In most cases, this fee will be deducted from the common stock dividend of ADR stock (The fee is either deducted from the client's account after the ADR dividend is paid, or it has already been deducted when the securities company receives the dividend). If the company of the ADR shares does not pay dividends, the issuing bank may charge shareholders a fee on a specific record date. If you are a shareholder on this particular record date, ADR fees will be automatically deducted from your securities account. Generally speaking, the average ADR fee is 1 to 5 cents per share. The charge amount and recording date will vary according to ADR requirements.

When there is an upcoming ADR fee, we will notify you by email, APP Push, APP message, 5 trading days before the deduction. If you estimate that the risk control value or available funds would drop below 0 after the deduction, please transfer more funds or manually close the position in advance to avoid forced liquidation.

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