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1. This guideline is for HKD deposit only.

2. Only bank accounts with the same name as Tiger account can be used for remittance operations. The client should not use others bank accounts or joint accounts to remit funds.

3. It takes some time for banks to process remittance, and the notification of "remitted" by the remitting bank does not mean that Tiger has received the funds. Once the funds arrive at TIGER, they need to be settled and approved. Please allow time for remittance processing as both banks and TIGER do not process remittances during Hong Kong holidays.

4. At present, TIGER does not accept direct cash deposits from Hong Kong bank counters, ATMs and other channels.


I. Remittance Process

1. Log in to the China Merchants Bank Hong Kong App and select "Transfer" - "Hong Kong Local".

2. According to the page prompt, fill in the receiving information and transfer information (transfer amount, currency, etc.).

The client can log in to Tiger Trade APP, select "Trading" - "Deposit" and follow the instructions on the page to view the payment information.

3. Complete the transfer and save the screenshot of the remittance receipt.

Tip: To improve the deposit efficiency, please provide a screenshot of the complete remittance receipt. The screenshot of the remittance receipt should include the transaction number, receiving account, remittance account, amount, currency and date of transfer, otherwise the client may need to screenshot and notify Tiger again.

4. Submit a deposit notification to Tiger and upload the screenshot of the remittance receipt.

On the "Receipt Information" page of Tiger Trade APP, click "Funds Remitted, Inform Tiger to check", fill in the deposit remittance information and upload the screenshot of the remittance receipt, click "Submit Deposit Notification".


II. Arrival Time

It usually takes 1-3 business days for the funds to arrive. The fastest transfer can arrive on the same day. Please refer to the actual situation.
Tip: If all the remittance information is correct, the funds will be transferred to Tiger's receiving account after the client completing the transfer. The funds can be deposited into the client's fund account after manually audited by TIGER.


III. Bank Charges

Both the remitting bank and the receiving bank may charge corresponding service fees. Please refer to the actual fees charged by the bank.



1. The above screenshots of the guidelines come from the sharing of clients and are for reference only. If there is any discrepancy between the screenshot and the actual interface, please refer to the actual interface of the bank. If necessary, please confirm with the bank whether the content is correct.

2. TIGER will not be responsible for any loss caused by this guideline.

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