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Where to access your account opening?

(1)Through APP Tiger Trade: Download  Tiger Trade APP  > Open Account> Open Account Now, Then follow below instructions to open a Tiger Account.

(2)Or through our online Portal:  Official Website  > Open Account. Then follow below instructions to open a Tiger Account.

General Steps

Register with mobile > Complete Required Information > Upload Supporting Documents > Pending Approval

Account Opening Guidelines for New Zealand/Australian Resident

Preparation (required materials):

  1. Personal Identification Proof: New Zealand/Australian Passport or Local Driving License
  2. Proof of residential address: Your bank statement dated within 6 months and must clearly show the full name and your current residential address of the account holder.

Steps to open an account:

  1. Select Country
  2. Fill in personal information
  3. Fill in your employment information
  4. Select account type and provide your trading experience
  5. Fill in the information of asset
  6. Upload ID Card and complete the E-signature
  7. Upload the bank statement of your original copy in PDF format
  8. Proofread and confirm the agreement and your tax form information
  9. Submit the application and wait for compliance review


Your information is only used for identity verification which is for compliance purpose. Your personal information will be strictly protected and kept confidential.

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