Statement on guarding against harassment and fraud in the name of Tiger Brokers (NZ) Limited (“TBNZ”) by lawbreakers

2020-06-11 00:00:00

Dear TBNZ users:

When you have opened an account successfully, in order to provide better services to you, there will be TBNZ staff calling for a follow-up visit,or inviting you to join chat groups by SMS or WeChat. The invitation sent to you by TBNZ does not involve any stock recommendation, financing service, trading on behalf of customers or the like.

Recently, there have been activities such as fraudulent marketing, stock recommendation, and invitation to stock recommending chat groups in the name of TBNZ carried out by lawbreakers. Common forms of fraud include but are not limited to the followings:

1. Counterfeit the name of TBNZ or its partners, with the purported purpose of recommending stocks, funds and other investment products, inviting customers to join stock recommending or stock analysis chat groups for free; or in the form of "investors school" or investment report meeting, providing service like stock recommendation, financing, and trading on behalf of customers; or recommending customers to use trading applications other than the Tiger Trade app.

2. Pretending to be TBNZ staff to harass customers through telephone, WeChat or other online chat tools.

3. Using a domain name highly similar to TBNZ’s, or faking the website or

apps of TBNZ.

4. Providing Hong Kong/US stock financing, high leverage financing, etc.

5. Requiring customers to pay additional fees in the name of winning in an event organized by TBNZ.

6. In the name of a so-called "original stock" or "equity investment" project, inducing customers to pay for account opening.

7. Promoting on selling TBNZ's shares and investment products that promise no loss in principal.

Our company strongly condemns such illegal acts of counterfeiting the name of TBNZ, damaging the reputation of our company, and deceiving investors. Our company reserves the right to hold such lawbreakers accountable in accordance with the laws. Please correctly identify the above frauds to avoid being deceived. Furthermore, please download the Tiger application "Tiger Trade" through the official website of TBNZ or the official app stores. If you find any fraud, you are welcome to report to TBNZ at any time by the following means. When it is difficult to accurately identify the authenticity of the information or have any questions, please call the customer service hotline or consult Tiger Customer Service online through the official website. All

employees of TBNZ are assigned an unique Tiger ID, and you can verify their identities through the company's official customer service hotline. 1. TBNZ official customer service hotline: 400-603-7555 2. TBNZ official website: 3. TBNZ Fraud Complaint Channel: Open App—“My”—“Feedbacks”—“Fraud Complaint”to report TBNZ reminds you to establish a sense of self-protection, and timely verify relevant information through official channels when you have problems, so as to avoid misinformation and confusion by the lawbreakers.

TBNZ May 29th, 2020