Statement on Fake Activities In the Name of Tiger Brokers

2021-05-25 19:23:50

Recently, there have been lawbreakers conduct fraudulent acts in the name of  Tiger Brokers, inducing users to download the fake APP "老虎证券" to open accounts,deposit funds and trade, and engage in stock recommendations. We hereby issue the following statement.

1.  The information on illegal acts is as follows:

     (1) Fake website:

     (2) Download link of fake APP "老虎证券":


     (3) Receipt account information of lawbreakers:

  • Account name: Beijing Beiyisi Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Receiving account number:1563 2318 6500 74

      (4) Wechat of lawbreakers:

  • w898297935
  • wxid_gb8gpgn2euxh22

      (5) Other fraudulent information generated from time to time.

2.  Our company does not have any relationship with the above-mentioned fakecompanies, websites and APPs,etc., and we have taken a series of measures to protect the legitimate rights and interests of our company and users.

3.  Please correctly identify the above frauds to avoid being cheated. Also remind you that the official website of Tiger Brokers is: Please download “Tiger Trade” App through our official website or the official App stores. 

4.  If you are aware of any fraudulent act, you are welcome to complain it to Tiger Brokers at any time in the following ways. When it is difficult to accurately identify the authenticity of the information or have any questions, please call our customer service hotline or consult Tiger Customer Service online through our official website. All employees of Tiger Brokers are assigned a unique Tiger ID, so you can verify their identities through our official customer service hotline. 

  • Tiger Brokers official customer service hotline: 400-603-7555
  • Tiger Brokers official website:
  • Tiger Brokers Fraud Complaint Channel: Open App—“My”—“Feedbacks”—“Fraud Complaint”

5.  Tiger Brokers reminds you to build up a sense of self-protection, and timely verify relevant information through official channels when you have problems, so as to avoid misinformation and confusion by the lawbreakers.


Tiger Brokers (NZ) Limited

25 May,2021