Tiger Coins Rules

2023-01-31 15:52:49

How to check Tiger Coins

Clients may check the status of their Tiger Coins and the records of their usage via “Me>My Activity>Redeem Gifts>Tiger Coin Center”


How to Obtain Tiger Coins

Clients may obtain Tiger Coins by checking in everyday, completing tasks and challenges, as well as participating in online and offline activities initiated by Tiger Brokers.
After the app version is updated to V8.1.1 (including V8.1.1), the Tiger Coins will be automatically collected after completing the corresponding tasks. Tiger Coins in Achievement Missions that have not been collected manually before the update will automatically become invalid after the update to v8.1.1.
Note: Participating in challenges limited to clients registered after 29 May 2019 (including the 29th of May).


How to use Tiger Coins

Clients may enter the Tiger Coin Center via Tiger Trade APP and use Tiger Coins to redeem gifts or participate in lucky draws.


Is it possible to return or exchange rewards?

After a successful redemption, return or exchange is supported only if there is a quality or delivery problem. If the client finds that the product is damaged after delivery, or the received product does not match what the client redeemed or won, please contact customer service at 4006037555.


How long will it take to receive the reward after the redemption?

Rewards are normally delivered within [15] calendar days after the client completes the reward redemption or collection (in case of a holiday, the delivery may be postponed). During the reward redemption or collection process, the client needs to verify their delivery address, mobile phone number, and other information to ensure that the data is correct. If the delivery is affected by circumstances such as the failure to contact their receiver, it may not be possible to resend the reward.


Do Tiger Coins Expire?

Tiger Coins are valid for two years, from the next day after the Tiger Coin is collected to December 31 of the second calendar year (less than one year is counted as one year), after which Tiger Coins will automatically expire. The Tiger coins will be used in the order they are received by the client.


Can Tiger Coin be transferred or cashed?

Tiger Coins can only be used to participate in lucky draws or redeem corresponding goods or services in the Tiger Coin Center and do not constitute any client assets, so they are not transferable or redeemable for cash.


Anyone who participates in this campaign is deemed to have accepted all the rules of the campaign. Tiger has the right to adjust the rules for the use of Tiger Coins within the scope of the law and has the final right of interpretation.