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clients who have opened a Tiger Account need to complete the questionnaire).... clients who have opened a Tiger Account need to complete the questionnaire).... users who have opened Tiger Account need to complete the questionnaire).... The Quotes can be collected as long as you have opened an account.... The Quotes can be collected as long as you have opened an account....   View details →

How Do Overseas Clients Open Account

WHERE TO ACCESS YOUR ACCOUNT OPENING?... (1)Through APP Tiger Trade: Download  Tiger Trade APP  > Open Account> Open Account Now, Then follow... below instructions to open a Tiger Account... (2)Or through our online Portal:  Official Website  > Open Account.... Then follow below instructions to open a Tiger Account....   View details →

Transferring Stock into Prime Account

CHOOSE STOCK MARKET If you have not deposited:   1.1 Open "Tiger Trade" App, and log in.... you opened with the original broker... with the same name as your Tiger Account Name.... SUBMIT ON OFFICIAL WEBSITE Open Tiger official website ( https://www.itiger.com/ ),log in and click... "My Account > Transfer Stock In"....   View details →

Tiger Account Advantages

Easy online account opening - you can open an account online without leaving home. 2.... Free real-time quotes - Real-time U.S. stock quotes are free when you open an account, say goodbye to... Chinese operation, efficient and easy to use, with features such as trading position sharing. 7. one account...   View details →

China Merchants Bank to view the transaction flow

1 Open the Merchants Bank App At the top of the search box -> input: transaction flow -> click on the... in the mailbox that can accept mail 2.3 [Agree to the agreement and submit] 2.4 You can view the opening... https://www.tigersecurities.com/accounts/update/sourcefunds?account=bs...   View details →

ICBC Historical Details (Transactions)

1 Open the Merchants Bank App In the top search box -> Input: History Detail Printing -> Click on the... https://www.tigersecurities.com/accounts/update/sourcefunds?account=bs...   View details →

Free Share

Clients who have opened an account can activate or receive rewards (specific activation conditions are... When the reward status becomes "Pending", the free share will be delivered to your account within 10... Clients who have not yet opened an account need to open a Tiger Prime Account and activate or receive... After the reward status becomes Pending, the stocks will be delivered to your account within 10 working...   View details →

Business Description

Fund Supermarket is a value-added service for standard account holders of overseas public funds.... One click to open a Fund Supermarket account, you can participate in the application for investment of... Convenient transactions, real-time view of income reports Open a fund account with one click, you can...   View details →

Large Open Position Reporting of Hong Kong Stock Options

Futures and Options, unless authorized, a declaration to the exchange is required when a customer's account... holds options contracts in excess of the large open position reporting level.   1.... REPORTING METHODS (1) When customers who open an account in Tiger hold positions reaching the reporting... operation. (2) When the combined positions of multiple brokers reach the reporting level and you have account... RELATED LINKS (1) The rules on the large open positions and position limits for derivatives shall be...   View details →

What is margin trading

transaction ( 1 ) In financing transactions, investors use funds or securities in their securities accounts... ( 2 ) After opening or upgrading to a margin account, investors can conduct financing transactions... trading  ( 1 ) In securities lending transactions, investors use funds or securities in their securities accounts... ( 2 ) After opening or upgrading to a margin account, investors can conduct securities trading in Tiger...   View details →

Fund subscriptions

After opening a standard account in the Tiger Trade app, open a Fund Supermarket account and make a deposit... If your account is in HKD, you need to convert it to USD....   View details →


  clients can use the yesterday's return, holding return, and accumulated return in the Cash Plus account... to know the account return... * Holding return: Funds currently in Cash Plus accounts that have accrued earnings and are still... held in the account, total realized gains on this portion based on average client position returns... * Cumulative return: Since the client opened the Cash Plus, the accumulated total return amount...   View details →

Account type

The futures account opened in Tiger Brokers is a margin account....   View details →

Bank of Communications [Hong Kong] APP FPS Remittance Guide

The name of the bank account used to transfer funds must be the same as the name of your securities account... Open the Bank of Communications (Hong Kong) mobile app and log in to your personal account, select "Transfer... Account: Select "Non-Registered Account" (or "Registered Account" if you have pre-registered your Tiger... Cash Account) Beneficiary's name: Tiger Brokers NZ LTD ClientTrustAcademy Receiving account number... , the withdrawal account, the date of the transaction and the reference number...   View details →

View Natural Person Tax Return

Use 【PERSONAL INCOME TAX】 APP, scan code to log in; you can also log in with your account/password.... https://www.tigersecurities.com/accounts/update/sourcefunds?... account=bs Note: To open PDF files need a password (ID card after 6 digits), please edit the password... for the PDF file name after uploading the file; if you do not provide a password, we will use your account...   View details →

ICBC [Asia] PC terminal deposit guidelines

account.... You may not use another bank account or joint bank account to remit money. 3.... visit ICBC (Hong Kong) official website (online banking official website: http://www.icbcasia.com), open... Select the account to be sent to Tiger Securities (choose the Hong Kong Dollar Account) (2) Collection... Account Type: If you are making your first remittance, please select "Other Account "(if Tiger Account...   View details →

ICBC (Hong Kong) APP FPS Remittance Guideline

The name of the bank account used for remittance must be the same as the Tiger Securities account name... , and you cannot use another person's bank account or a joint bank account for remittance.... Visit the ICBC (Hong Kong) website (official website of Internet Banking: http://www.icbcasia.com), open... account)... If you have pre-registered Tiger Payee account, please select a pre-registered third party account....   View details →

Bank-Securities Transfer Guideline

and Tiger Securities Prime Account.... After the service is opened and linked to both accounts, you can enjoy a safe and fast access to funds... Two steps to complete the deposit to your bank-securities account: 1.... HOW TO OPEN BANK-SECURITIES TRANSFER ACCOUNT Using Minsheng Bank (Hong Kong Branch) Mobile Banking or... the merchant account name and enter Tiger Prime Account ID for the linked account number....   View details →

Types of Account

Cash account Cash account only allows trading of stocks with cash and without T+ 0 trading frequency... Margin account Margin account supports the function of securities margin trading.... The total account value must exceed USD2,000 and there is no T+0 trading frequency limit (intraday: up...   View details →